Foria Releief – CBD/THC Relief for Endometriosis

Are you aware that there is actual relief specifically formulated for women with painful periods and Endometriosis!? 

If you’re not a believer in the comforting and healing power of CBD and THC, you should probably hit the road, because this article will be very boring to you. 


Foria is a company which sells products that cater to woman with terrible pain from Endometriosis and merciless periods. 

“Foria was inspired by the three thousand year history of cannabis’ use as a sensual enhancement tool and current scientific research into the therepeautic benefits of the plant.”

That’s not all, however. If you have the unfortunate problem of having pain during intercourse (which, if you have Endometriosis, chances are you do) the company has products that are formulated to aid to that pain as well. 

I’ve tried Foria relief, the vaginal suppository. It’s shaped like an almond, and feels like a slightly melted piece of chocolate (for lack of better descriptions). It’s coated in cocoa butter so it slides right in, and then it goes right to where it is needed in regards to relief! It’s an indica, so the amount of THC involved is one which will have a calming effect. It is said to allow 20-40 minutes for full absorption. It took 30 for me. 

Ultimately, it’s worth a shot if you haven’t tried it – it worked for me! Foria is certainly a company worthy of your research, by the way. You will find relief in knowing there is actual relief for your pain! 


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