Free Stuff with Avon?? 

How do you feel about super affordable and super high quality makeup, skin products, fragrances, jewelry, etc.? 

I always thought Avon was probably overpriced and not worth it, but recently I began to sell it, and I actually decided to look at the prices and quality of the products – um, yes please! 

Wait! Don’t go! I’m not like the others! Yes, I sell Avon. But let me tell you why buying through me is diffefeng, and why I think you should be buying Avon in general! 

First time customers receive a free Dreamcatcher keychain – there’s no minimum to how much you’ve gotta spend to receive the first timer gift! 

If you spend at least $60 you receive a free small sized Dreamcatcher of your choice! They range from 5-10 inches in length, and have some very cute themes – even custom options! 

If you spend at least $115 you will receive a full sized sugar scrub – scent of your choice! OR a medium sized Dreamcatcher, ranging from 7-15 inches in length! 

A few examples of Smalls: 

So many free goodies! Are you interested? Email me at to place your order! Or you can go to and place an order! 

You MUST EMAIL ME to receive your free gift though – do not overlook this detail! 


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