Short Wet N’ Wild’s “Mega Last” Lip Color Review 

For starters – it’s awful. I was so excited to try this vibrant red, and I ended up being let down hard. I’ve owned a few of this exact brand’s liquid matte Lipsticks, and unfortunately I’ve had the same experience with each one! Let’s go over the top three reasons why this particular liquid lipstick is pretty much crap.

1. Sticky 

Unlike my favorite matte liquid lipstick – NYX Liquid Suede – this lipstick applies well, but quickly dries and becomes sticky. It makes you feel like you have to lick your lips often to keep them from cracking and falling off! Which is never helpful when you’re wearing lipstick. 

2. Peels

It peels! You can feel it clumping together on your lips throughout the day, starting to peel and clique together like at a high school cafeteria. It’s gross and seriously uncomfortable! 

3. Lip Life

It doesn’t last as long as you would like! Here’s how it goes: you put on the lipstick, it dries and gets sticky, starts to recede and peel, then it leaves slivers of color that are nearly impossible to wipe off. 
All in all, don’t waste your money. There are so many higher quality liquid Lipsticks for lower prices out there – you’ve just got to look! 


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