D.I.Y. Cauldron Makeup Brush Holder 

Much simpler than you would expect it to be, and literally the perfect addition to your gothic-makeup getup you got going on in your bedroom or bathroom, or wherever!!


  • Candlestick holder
  • Candle holder (candle vase?)
  • Acrylic paints 
  • Spongey paint brush 
  • Hot glue gun (optional – I’ll tell ya why) 



They’re all at the dollar tree! Except for the acrylic paint. That can be bought affordably at Walmart though! Here is a selection I stole from the Dollar Tree’s website that would make good choices for any makeup holder:


I will say this though – if you want a couldrin, go with the “round glass” choice! 

You can use any color of paint you want – black, red, purple… don’t matter! The darker the better, though! 

2. Paint the candlestick holder and whichever bowl-thing you chose!  

Bowl-thing … I’m such a dweeb. Anywho, get your sponge paintbrush and push it onto the glass, instead of brushing it – it’ll be thicker and safe you from painting a trillion coats. It’ll look bumpy and bubbly at first, but surprisingly it doesn’t dry that way! 

3. OPTIONAL – Glue the bowl-thing ontop of the candlestick holder

I say optional because when I tried, the bowl was too heavy and kept coming off even with the hot glue! It could have been my brand of glue though, so you can still try it! It’ll surely look nice!

If it doesn’t work for you like it didn’t work for me, you can just set the bowl on top of the candlestick holder and it can stay like that – still looks beautiful! 
Wallah, you’ve got yourself a nice little holder to help keep your spooky lair organized! 🖤


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