5 ways to increase your monthly income – no scams, no B.S.

No B.S. – what? Are you sure Jess? Yes, because I’ve already shoveled through all the B.S. and now I’m here to save you from having to do the same! 

1. Donate Plasma

My boyfriend does this, and it helps us make the rent every month! He goes twice a week and gets about $300 a month! 

2. Sell on LetGo

I’ve made a lot of money doing this! Best app I’ve used to sell old clothes and handmade crafts!!

3. Surveys On The Go 

I HATE surveys, mainly because a lot of them seem to never end! I’ve made – literally, no joke – over a hundred dollars on this app. It’s 100% legit, so go download it now! 

4. Plato’s Closet 

You won’t make a lot of money – think back to that episode of “Broad City,” you know which one. However! You will make some pocket change – and not the annoying kind – which is always nice to have! 

5. TextBroker 

I’ve written about this one before – TextBroker is a great way to write and get paid! You make your own hours and you choose your jobs! Easy peezy. 

Hope these tips help you out! 


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